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Provide basic firearms training for those who are new to using firearms or who have never had formal training and provide more advanced training for those who are exercising or considering exercising their right to defend themselves with armed force but do not have the requisite knowledge and skill set to do so.

The NRA is changing the way its basic pistol course is taught.  It is done in two phases.  Phase I will be done on-line and Phase II will be done face to face by NRA Certified Pistol Instructors. 

Click here for instructions for registering for Phase I and Phase II.

Interesting question that one.  The answer depends on several factors. 

The first one would be why are you interesting in shooting handguns? 

Next would be what firearms training courses if any you already have attended and with what  firearms? 

Next would be how happy you are with your current gun handling and shooting abilities? 

Finally you might ask yourself what you know about legal restrictions that affect your use of the firearm. 

Please click here for a discussion what sort of training might be appropriate for you.

No single course you can take will produce real competence with a handgun.  Firearm courses teach knowledge, skills and attitude but competence takes time, sometimes a lot of time and it takes high quality practice.  A good example in another field would be golf.  You can take all of the golf lessons you want but if you do not go out and play on a regular basis you will not be a good golfer.  The same holds true for shooting a handgun.

The logical progression depends on your current state of competence and your goals.  Please click here for a more detailed discussion.

Please click here to see our Kudzu ratings.

We also have an account on Angie's List.  You must have an account there to see our ratings.  Once you are logged on search for Stone Mountain Firearms Training Service.

The second amendment is supposed to protect the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.  It does that to some extent, however since the Bill of Rights became law states, counties and cities have restricted that right to one extent or another.

Federal law specifies some restrictions as to what kind of handguns can be kept, how they must be purchased and who can legally purchase one.  There are also some federal laws that affect transport of firearms.

Most of the law that address how we keep and use firearms in Georgia are, in fact state law.

Georgia is one of the more gun friendly states but there are restrictions in effect and if you are not aware of them you could end up being charged with an offense about which you were completely unaware and which could negate your right to keep and bear arms.

If you have included firearms in your personal protection strategy you really need to understand what your rights are with respect to the use of force, specifically the use of deadly force.  If you do not understand these laws and you end up using or threatening to use a firearm in what you believe to be a clear instance of self-defense you could easily end up being convicted of a felony simply because you were operating under the assumption that common sense should prevail.

Common sense and the law occasionally but not always intersect.  It is not something that should be left to chance.  Click here to see how we address these issues with a five hour, sixty five dollar class.

What do you think is going to happen immediately after you have prevailed in a self-defense shooting? 

Most likely you will want legal counsel.  Can you handle the expense of that on your own?  

There are several organizations which offer services to assist with a justified self-defense incident.  It might be worth your time to click here and check out what these folks offer.

Incidentally nobody is going to insure you for an unjustified shooting.

I believe it matters for many reasons.   Far be it for me to suggest how you vote.  I would like to point out a couple of undeniable facts about where the candidates of the two major parties are when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

Donald Trump is an unknown entity when it come to what kind of political leader he might be or what kind of policies he might actually try to implement when it comes to the exercise of Second Amendment rights.  Hillary Clinton does have a well known position very much against people like you and me being armed.  She would, had she the chance pursue gun control like the Brits and Australians have done.  I saw and heard her say that she likes what they have done and would like to see the USA go the same way.  In other words she would disarm all of us except for law enforcement people and those who have protected her since at least 1992..  She will not say that in public but that is her goal.

Then there is this.  Most "news" organizations will watch a Trump president like a hawk and will report on everything they see as a transgression.  They will not do the same for Hillary Clinton and in the case of the right to keep and bear arms they agree with her.

What I would respectfully ask you to do is that when you weigh all of the factors that influence which way you will vote, consider the impact of your choice on our right to keep and bear arms.

If we loose the right to be armed we will never retrieve that right.