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I have been shooting and teaching firearms and marksmanship off and on since 1970, mostly military small arms.  Until just a few years ago I was primarily a rifle shooter.  Highlights of my experience are:

     1959 thru 1962, Jr. ROTC Rifle Team, Bellaire High School

     1964, Member of the First Infantry Division Rifle Team 

     1969 thru 1971, Shooter/Coach, University of Houston Varsity Rifle Team, Classified Master

     1970, NRA First Team Collegiate All American, International Rifle

     1972 thru1975, Taught/supervised the teaching of Infantry small, and competition rifle and mortars

     1977, Committee Chief, Infantry Weapons, 1st Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Brigade, Ft. Benning, GA

     1978 OIC, 1st AIT Brigade Combat Rifle Team, Ft. Benning, GA

     1983 to 1986 Commanded US Army Marksmanship Training Unit #5, Ft. Riley, KS
(Shooter/Coach in the US Army shooting system for that time) Classified High Master
     1986 thru 1988, Shooter/Civilian Team Coach, National Matches, Camp Perry, OH

     1989 thru 1991, Training Developer, Firearms Training Systems, Norcross, GA

     2001 thru May, 2009, Training Developer, Meggitt Training Systems Inc, Suwanee, GA

     2010 Certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Personal Protection in the Home Instructor

     2011 Certified NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home and Range Safety Officer

     2013 Certified to teach the GCO Georgia Firearms Carry Course

     2016 Certified to teach the NRA Defensive Pistol Course

Continuing Education.

Vehicle Defense, ShootRite Academy, Tiger McGee
Gunfighting from 0 to 5 Feet, Suarez International, Scot Vandiver
Rangemaster Instructor Development Course, Rangemaster, Tom Givens
Law of Self Defense Seminar, LOSD, Andrew Branca
MAG 20, Massad Ayoob Group, Massad Ayoob
Law of Self Defense Instructor's Course, Andrew Branca

I am Distinguished with Service Rifle and hold a Bronze Excellence in Competition (Leg) Badge for Pistol. 

My rating for Service Rifle was High Master when I retired from competition in 1988.

My goal is to make it safer for everyone in our community as a result of helping our students improve their knowledge, skills and attitude with respect to the use of handguns and thereby to help preserve the right of all of us to keep and bear arms as it is clearly stated in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.