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Participants in our NRA Personal Protection Courses will receive a student packet that includes an NRA guide covering the material to be taught, a certificate of completion and other material related to the classes.  Participants in our SMFTS courses will receive a printed copy of the Power Point slides.

Students may bring their own handgun to class (please bring user manual as well) but they must provide their own professionally manufactured ammunition for the live fire portion of the class.  Gun and ammunition will be under the instructor's control until the course is completed.

The prices quoted here do not include range fees.  For basic pistol courses, range fees are usually between $12 and $24.  Range fees for all other courses courses are $30.

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Blended Course (Instructor Led Module only)See Schedule7 Hours$100Click here.
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Blended Course Self-study and Instructor Led ModuleSee Schedule8 hrs on-line
+ 7 hrs w/instructor
$130Click here.
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Only Course, Revolver AND Semi-Auto PistolSee ScheduleAt least 11 hours$150Click here.
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Only Course, Revolver OR Semi-Auto PistolSee ScheduleAt least 7 hours$120Click here.
SMFTS Basic Pistol CourseSee ScheduleAt least 7 hrs$100Click here.
SMFTS Basic Rifle CourseSee ScheduleAt least 8 hrs$150Click here.

SMFTS Firearms and the Law                    See Schedule5 hours$70Click here.
SMFTS Concealed Carry Basic CourseSee ScheduleAt least 20 hours$300Click here.
NRA Defensive Pistol CourseSee ScheduleAt least 9 hours$225Click here.
NRA Personal Protection in the HomeSee ScheduleAt least 11 hrs$150Click here.
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - BasicSee Schedule
At least 11 hrs$300Click here.
GCO Georgia Firearms Carry CourseSee Schedule16 Hours over two days$180Click Here

          Options are as follows:

In Home Instruction - Any of these courses can be presented at the student's home or other facility provided by the student(s).  We will need a large screen TV or monitor with an HDMI connection or room enough to set up a projector and screen.  This service is offered for a minimum of two students. 

For groups smaller than three students there will be a premium charge of $25 per student which is added to the cost of the class plus fifty cents per mile round trip from my home to the training site for each day of the class. 

Coordination between the student and SMFTS is required in order to arrange for a class to be presented at a site selected by the student.  Please use the Contact Form to initiate a request for In Home Instruction.  Once the coordination has been done if you use PayPal remember to include the In Home Instruction option in the PayPal checkout.

          Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching (Not an NRA sanctioned class) - Individual coaching sessions can be arranged at a range in Stone Mountain for $35 per one hour session (limit of 2 students per session) for those who have completed any NRA or SMFTS shooting courses.

Student is responsible for range fees and ammunition.

The rate for security guards is $25 per hour.  I will work with Law Enforcement Officers at no charge.


Coordination for this individual coaching can be done by phone, (404)519-4331 or via the Contact Form.