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The Resources page of this website was significantly modified in September of 1013.  Those of you who are used to the old look will still find the same links but you will have to click on one of the category links on this page to get to them.

The links that appear on this page or on pages linked from this page are provided because the content therein is very good and useful for anyone who is interested in armed self-defense and related topics.  We receive no financial benefit from any of the organizations or individuals who manage these linked sites.

Gun Rights - Links to organizations that support the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and to other websites whose primary goal is to foster the notion the the Second Amendment is an individual right.

Armed Self-Defense - Links to self-defense websites, many of which deal wtih the law.

Education - Links to websites that focus on education about firearms.

Guns and Ammo - Links to firearms retailers and on-line gun outlets and to links on useful information about guns.

Accessories - Links to websites that offer products that enhance the experience of being armed.  Included among other items are holsters, gun belts, laser sights and training devices.

Where to Shoot - Links to ranges located in and around Atlanta, GA that fall basically into two categories.  Some of them are ranges I have personally used.  The other ones I have observed in operation appear to me to be a decent place to shoot.  There is also a shooting range database that works anywhere in the country.