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We provide NRA certified basic pistol courses, basic defensive pistol courses for those who want to develop the ability to use a handgun for self-defense in the home and more advanced courses for those who want to carry in public. 

We provide instruction on Firearms and the Law which must be taken by any student prior to attending any course that we teach involving defensive shooting techniques.

We offer classes not sanctioned by the NRA and individual coaching for both rifle and pistol.  We offer discounts for armed security guards and police officers who need refresher training.

We offer an orientation class called Should I or Shouldn't I for people who are new to firearms and think they may want to include armed self-defense as part of their personal protection strategy.  These classes we offer at no cost for groups of ten or more if the person coordinating the class provides us a classroom.  This is a public service offering.

Our focus is on assisting those who are new to handgun ownership and armed self defense acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to be responsible and competent in the exercise of their Second Amendment rights.