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The Georgia legislature has crafted and the Governor has signed laws that permit law abiding adult citizens to carry concealed handguns with some restrictions. 

That same legislature apparently thinks it is just fine to issue a firearms license to anyone who can pass an FBI and a Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) background check without any requirement to determine whether the applicant can properly handle a firearm. 

The current law requires that someone who cannot so much as tell the difference between a pistol and a toaster must be issued a firearms license if they follow the application procedures and pass the GBI background check. 

Many people completely untrained in the use of firearms (more than you would think) apply for a firearms license every day and purchase a handgun & ammunition which may or may not be the right gun or appropriate ammo for the intended use and without training, think that they are ready to use armed force in self-defense.  In most cases, sadly they are wrong.  People who fall into this category need to develop the knowledge, skill and attitude to safely, properly and effectively use their handgun and to understand the law as it addresses the use of force.

It is not as easy as it looks on TV.  The concepts involved in safe handling of and proficient delivery of fire with handguns are not difficult to learn for most people but they definitely do need to be learned and for most people the best and safest way to learn them is under the tutelage of a qualified instructor.  Notice that the military does not rely on self study when it comes to teaching soldiers how to shoot.  Ditto for the police academies.  Some people might be able to learn what they need to know and apply what they learn without the assistance of a qualified instructor but based on our experience some things are best learned under the supervision of someone who understands the concepts and is capable of teaching them.  Learning how to shoot falls into this category.

If you read what is written here and decide for whatever reason that you do not want to learn how to shoot with us then please, please find another qualified instructor to provide that service for you.