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Class size for shooting courses is kept small (four students or fewer).

We use SIRT Pistols to support much of the hands on exercises both in the classroom and on the range.  Click here to learn about SIRT Pistols.

We provide .22 rimfire pistols or centerfire pistols equipped with .22 rimfire conversion kits in all of our basic pistol courses.   Some of them are equipped with Crimson Trace laser grips for use in analyzing sighting and trigger control problems.  We use .22 rimfire handguns because learning to shoot is easier with the low shot report and recoil that these guns provide.  If students use our .22 rimfire pistols, ammunition is included in the cost of the course.  Students can, at their option elect to use their own handguns but if they do they must supply their own ammunition.

Safety is the primary consideration when handling firearms of any type.  It is the first thing we address in all shooting courses and we ensure that once students learn the rules for handling a firearms safely that they apply those rules during all hands-on exercises in the classroom and on the range.

We rely on Total Participant Involvement in all of our courses.  The necessity of lecture is a fact of life with this kind of instruction but we make every attempt to involve the student as much as possible by eliciting student input, thereby making it more of a lecture/discussion.

All hands-on skills included in the lessons are explained, demonstrated and practiced until proficiency is demonstrated by the students.  All of the skills we teach start at the most basic level and build up to the more complex levels.  We never push students to attempt something that they are not prepared to do.

Students in our NRA courses are provided with an NRA Student Packet which includes a User Guide for the course material and several brochures pertaining to the NRA safety rules and training opportunities.

Students taking SMFTS courses receive a handout that is generated from the PowerPoint presentation we use in the classroom.

Students who successfully complete the NRA courses receive a training certificate.   It is possible to attend these courses and not receive a training certificate.  It has happened less than a half dozen times so far and usually is due to inability to handle the handgun safely or inability to shoot well enough.  There is a standing offer for any student who falls in this category to return for more training or if he or she wants to work on it on their own they can come back and be tested at their convenience.

NRA pistol courses meet the requirements for the Florida Concealed Carry License and are also recognized in several other states as well.

All of our courses are supported with Power Point slides and video.  A common sequence we follow when teaching a learning objective is to watch a short video segment and then use the Power Point slides to review the video content and expand the discussion if necessary.