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SMFTS Concealed Carry Basic Course -  THIS IS NOT AN NRA COURSE.  Click here to register.

Time Required
:  20 hours

Who should attend
?  This is not a course for inexperienced shooters.  Students who cannot upon registration, keep at least 90% of shots on a sheet of typing paper at 21 feet will probably not successfully complete the course.  This is a basic concealed carry course.  It is appropriate for those who are or are thinking about legally carrying in public places but are not safe and competent when presenting a pistol from concealment and delivering accurate shots.

:  Understand the criminal assault paradigm, the stages of a typical criminal assault, pre-assault indicators, techniques for avoiding or deescalating dangerous situations and safely, quickly and accurately engage targets with a concealed handgun from 3 to 15 yards.

  $50    Course fee:   $300 + range fee of $30  

Certificate Issued
:  Yes with 80% on written test and 80% on the Range Rangemaster CP1 Short Skills Qualification Course

Complete a basic pistol shooting course.  If you cannot handle a pistol safely and keep your shots on a sheet of typing paper at 21 feet you are not ready for this course.
Attend the SMFTS Firearms and the Law class.
If you have learned what you need to know about the law and have not attended the SMFTS Firearms and the Law you must provide a copy of one of the following documents either by e-Mail attachment of hard copy on the day of the class.
      Valid carry license from any state
      Military ID card
      Law Enforcement ID card
      State employee ID card
      Armed Security Guard ID card
      Receipt for purchase of a firearm from an FFL dealer within the last 5 years.

Student equipment
Note paper, pencil or pen
Eye and ear protection
Baseball cap

Centerfire pistol for which your strong side thumb can reach the magazine release

Rigid holster (kydex or reinforced leather)  Must retain its shape when empty.

Good pistol belt

Magazine pouch
at least 3 magazines

At least 500 rounds of professionally manufactured ammunition


Learning Objectives
Lesson 1  Understanding Criminal Assaults  (2 hours)

  Stages of Awareness Staying under the radar
  Understanding the Criminal Assault Paradigm
  Stages of Criminal Assault
  Threat Indicators

Lesson 2 Avoiding and Managing Confrontations  (2 hours)
  Minimizing exposure to likely assault
  Managing Range
  When all else fails

Lesson 3 Concealed Carry, Safety and the Fundamentals (2 hours)        
  NRA Safe Gun Handling Rules
  The AOJ Triad and behaving as a Reasonable Man
  Aiming and Defensive Accuracy
  Integrated Act of Firing One Well-aimed Shot
  Point Shooting
  Safely Holstering and Re-holstering
  Presentation with Open Carry
  Presentation with Concealed Carry
Lesson 4  Gun Handling, Cover and Movement  (2 hours)
  Inspecting Defensive Ammo
  Loading & Press Check
  Cycle of Operation
  Stoppages and Reloads
  Use of Cover and Concealment
  Gun Check & Scanning

Lesson 5  A Study of Security Video of Criminal Assaults (2 hours) 
  View and analyze a variety of criminal assaults.
  Discuss the environment, pre-assault indicators, closing and assault.
  Discuss options that might have been exercised to avoid or better manage the assault.

Live Fire Exercises:  Note:  Rounds required is a minimum

Exercise              Description                                                                  Rounds
Exercise 1   Warm-Up Exercise                                                             54
Exercise 2   Emergency Reloads                                                           15
Exercise 3   Tactical Reloads                                                                  8
Exercise 4   Dealing with non-visible stoppages (misfires)                 15
Exercise 5   Dealing with Visible Stoppages (stovepipe/double feed) 18
Exercise 6   Presentation, Open Carry  w/step commands                  15
Exercise 7   Presentation, Open Carry  w/o step commands               15
Exercise 8   Presentation, Concealed Carry  w/step commands         15
Exercise 9   Presentation, Concealed Carry  w/o step commands      15
Exercise 10 Present and shoot accelerated shots                               68
Exercise 11 Failure Drill with Scan and Assess                                    16
Exercise 12 One hand shooting                                                              32
Exercise 13 Tueller Drills                                                                          4
Exercise 14 Qualification, Rangemaster CP1 Short Skills                     30
Exercise 14 Qualification, Rangemaster CP1 Short Skills                     30                                      
                                                                                         Total Rounds 350