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National Rifle Association - National organization offering shooting, training, education and public service programs, promotes safe and responsible firearm ownership and use.  It is also the most powerful advocate for protection of our Second Amendment rights.  Please consider joining the NRA.

Georgia Carry - Citizen's advocacy group  is a "citizens advocacy group working toward the reform of Georgia's poorly written, overly restrictive, ignored by the courts gun law".  They keep track all firearms related initiatives in the Georgia General Assembly and local jurisdictions.  Check out the GunLinks page.

Georgia Gun Laws - Shortcut to the GCO link on Georgia gun laws.  As of August of 2016 there are 116 of them listed on this site.  That is a lot of statutes but many of them do not apply to the average gun owner.  I offer a class, SMFTS Firearms and the Law which addresses these statutes and the five elements of a self defense claim (LOSD, Andrew Branca).  That class takes about five hours at what I think is a pretty good price.  It will save you a lot of time working your way through all those statutes trying to figure out which ones you do need to know about.

Georgia Packing - Mostly links to websites addressing the law as it pertains to licensed citizens.  Check out the Gun Laws in Plain English link.

GT Carry - Georgia Tech Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is a grass roots organization of Georgia Tech students who feel that adult students with a Georgia Weapons Carry License should not be barred by law from exercising their Second Amendment rights while they are on campus.  We agree that they should not be disallowed to carry for self-defense.  Right now the GT campus is a target rich environment for thugs that KNOW they have a pool of victims, none of whom can be legally armed while they are on the campus.

Reciprocity:  Enter your state of residence and any other states from which you hold a carry license and this site will let you know where you can carry with whatever combination of licenses that you hold.

State Laws: Very good site with links to most state handgun laws and specifically which states recognize the licenses of residents of other states.  Some states recognize licenses issued by states other than those of the home state of the license holder while others do not.  This reciprocity report does not address reciprocity those who also hold licenses from other states.  For that kind of information use the next link.

Learn About Guns - Firearm information and politics from a pro-firearms rights perspective.