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Real World Incidents - This one is under development.  Many of you have not been involved in life threatening situations.  In my view it is better to be aware of how these incidents can occur and how quickly most of them are resolved in the moment.  This is a collection of reports and videos of armed encounters that have come to my attention which I think may be informative and useful.  I cannot verify the accuracy of the reports nor that the videos have not been staged however if I will not post links to events that do not seem to me to be anything other than a reflection of the truth.

The Armed Citizen - Stories from media outlets providing examples of citizens who have used firearms to resolve situations in which they were confronted with bodily harm incidental to criminal behavior.

The Law of Self Defense - This is Andrew Branca's website.  I know of no lawyer anywhere in the country more knowledgeable that Mr. Branca when it comes to self-defense law.  He routinely conducts continuing education for lawyers all over the country and he presents LOSD seminars for people who are armed for self-defense and are smart enough to recognize the need for them to know about the LEGAL use of force in self-defense.  He also provides an LOSD Instructor Course for firearms instructors.  I attended an LOSD seminar in August, 2015 and graduated from the instructor's course in January of this year.  He is a great instructor and he has a very good and informative website.

Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network -This is an organization that, among other things offers a monthly journal which is chocked full of very good articles about issues related to self defense.  The CEO is Marty Hayes who was for years a law enforcement officer and now is a criminal defense attorney in Washington (up on the left coast) with a lot of experience in defending people  who have justifiably used force in self defense.  You might want to check out the website to see what the journal is about and also check out the benefits enjoyed by ACLDN members.  This is a very good organization with a proven track record of providing sound defense for its members.

Blue Line Lawyer - This website belongs to Lance LoRusso's who represents Law Enforcement Officers in criminal and civil proceedings.  His blog includes several categories which will be of interest to all of us who are armed for self-defense.

Defending the Self Defense Case - Provides a view of self-defense from the perspective of the criminal defense lawyer.  Highly recommended reading for anyone who is armed for self-defense because an incident in which a citizen uses a firearm to defend himself does not end when law enforcement arrives.  Criminal charges are sometimes filed against the shooter.  It would be a good idea to take into account how lawyers look at things as you establish your own self-defense doctrine.  The time to do that is sooner rather than later.

What do you say to authorities after an armed incident
The answer depends on what you have done and who you are talking to.  There are two ways to approach this one and it matters which one you take.

If you have committed a crime which is not subject to a reasonable claim of self-defense
you might to want to check out this link to a presentation by a law professor and a police officer about making statements to the police who are investigating an incident.  You really, really need to watch this one.

On the other hand if you are a citizen who has had to use or threaten to use deadly force to defend yourself you really, really should consider learning what people who have defended people who do have a reasonable claim of self-defense have to say about it.  I am referring to lawyers who have defended honest citizens who have justifiably used force and people who are  expert witnesses for the same honest citizens.  I am referring to folks like Andrew Branca (Law of Self Defense), Massad Ayoob (Massad Ayoob Group) and Marty Hayes (Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network)

The point is that you had best figure out the answer to the question ,you call 911.

Cornered Cat - Wide ranging list of topics related to firearms.  This site was developed by a woman specifically for women but the content here should be very helpful for anyone who is interested in armed self-defense.  It is a very good site.

Do you have a legal right to police protection? - You might be surprised at the answer to that question.

The Well Armed Woman - Here is a great site for females who are interested in shooting.  For that matter much of the content is gender non-specific.  Great site.  Click here to listen to what she has to say about the latest spate of anti-gun/anti-carry talk.

Law Enforcement Today - This site is specifically for law enforcement officers but it is a great source of information from articles that address street crime. It also provides insights to current events that you will not see in the mainstream media.

McYoung on Self Defense -  This is a posting by Marc McYoung.  A variety of links that discuss the ethical and moral aspects of using force in self defense.

The Internet Armory - This site is a treasure trove of information about armed self defense.  The links on selecting firearms and on selecting ammunition are outstanding.