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Accessories - Here you will find links to websites that offer products that enhance the experience of being armed.  Included among other items are holsters, gun belts, laser sights and training devices.


Concealed Carry Holsters - Discussion

The FlashBang Holster - Sorry, guys but this one is for the ladies.  This one is relatively new to the holster market and it offers an option to carry concealed for the ladies which, in my opinion is a pretty viable way to carry without anyone knowing about it and still have very quick access to your handgun.

CB's Leatherworks - His website is not yet up and running but there is a link there to his facebook account.  Great holsters which ride pretty much anywhere you want them to ride.  He makes 'em plain and fancy.  The fancy ones are beautiful.  All of them are well designed.  He has moved to south Georgia but still makes a lot of holsters for those of us in Atlanta.  It takes a few weeks but you end up with a very comfortable and highly functional holster.

Clament  Custom Leather - This is a family operation in Michigan.  They will make a holster that fits your handgun like a glove.  They are reasonably priced and of good quality.  Took me about four weeks to have one delivered.

Crossbreed Holsters - Good holster manufacturer.  Check out their IWB selections.

Tucker Gunleather - Good holster manufacturer.  Check out their silent thunder product.

Grandfather Oak Custom Carry - Inexpensive and effective Kydex holsters.


A&G Custom Gun Leather - Don't forget the belt.  A good holster is good only if you have a good stiff gun belt.  Your average dress belt or even a heavy one is not going to do the trick.  These guys are local (Gainesville, GA), their products are very good and attractive as are the prices and delivery schedule.


Crimson Trace - Manufacturer of self activated laser grips.

          Training Devices

Ammo Safe - These folks produce an inexpensive firearms safety device that not only works but it is obvious to everyone in the area when it is working AND it is inexpensive.  Makes dryfiring with real guns as easy and as safe as it can get.  Works well for force on force training, too.  Their motto is, "setting sights on safety".  I love it.  Check it out.

Sure Strike Laser Ammo - These are great and relatively inexpensive devices which, when installed in your centerfire handgun will provide immediate feedback as to fall of shot when dryfiring.  They come in several popular calibers.  You can get a basic kit for one caliber for about $150 by purchasing at the LE Targets website.