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Find a Range - Find a range within x miles from zip code.

          Local Ranges

Bull's-Eye - Bull'sEye Indoor Range & Gun Shop is in Lawrencevilly, GA.  They have a large selection of rental handguns and a good selection of new and used guns of all types for sale, good ammunition selection and lots of accessories.  These are among the best prices you are likely to find in the Atlanta area for range time or gun purchases.

Mainstreet Guns and Range - 405 Killian Hills Road, Lilburn GA 30047 (770)931-0185.  Good selection of handguns, shotguns and rifles.  Brand new range.  Very nice.  Good lighting and ventilation.  Pistol and rifle (call to make sure of limitations) allowed.

Mastergunman, 1900 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain, GA  30087, (770)469-0933.  This range is  under new management.  It is a much more pleasant place to shoot than it was a few years ago.  This is one of the older ranges in the Atlanta area.  It does not have some of the amenities of the newer ranges but for those in the Stone Mountain area it is close and is open every day but Sunday from 10:00am until at least 8:00pm.

Norcross Gun Club - Located at 5305 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Norcross, GA  30092, (770)449-6200.  Open 7 days per week.  Plenty of rental guns.  Used to be called the American Classic Range.

Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range - New range located at 8040 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs, GA 30350, (770-394-4867).  Good mix of rental guns.  Very good selection of new and used guns and a very good selection of shooting accessories.

South River Gun Club - Outdoor ranges for shotgun, pistol and rifle south of Covington, GA.  This is the range I use for the live fire portion of self-defense pistol, and all rifle courses.  It is a very good facility with lots of training bays and pits for self-defense training, a rifle range from 50 yards out to 300 yards and a bunch of trap and skeet ranges as well.

Trading Place Pawn & Indoor Gun Range - This is a new facility in Monroe, GA.  Good selection of handguns and accessories.  Excellent selection of dedicated rentals AND they will rent any used gun in the store.  Friendly folks on staff.

Trigger Time - Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range is in Flowery Branch, GA.  They offer a good selection of firearms at reasonable prices, a good selection of ammunition and accessories and a modern range.

          Competition Links

Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Association Video Library - Shoot practical pistol matches in the Atlanta area.  This is an outstanding way to challenge yourself and improve your defensive shooting skills.  You can get to the home page from this link.