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SMFTS Basic Pistol Course – THIS IS NOT AN NRA COURSE.  Click here to register.

Time Required:  7 to 8 hours

Who should attend?
 This course was developed for those who have experience with handguns but have never had formal handgun instruction and who want basic pistol instruction in a shorter format than the NRA certified courses. 

:  Be safe, competent and confident when handling and shooting pistols.  The focus is on safety and the shooting fundamentals.  It differs from the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course in that only one type of pistol (revolver or semi-automatic) is taught and there is no instruction on gun selection or cleaning nor is the bench rest position taught.

  $25   Course fee:  $100 + range fee @$24

Certificate Issued
:  Yes with 80% on written test and 80% on the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting level 1 qualification course.


Be able to legally possess a handgun (e.g. you are not disallowed by state or federal law from being in possession of a handgun.

Student equipment

Note paper and pencil or pen,
eye and ear protection,
baseball cap
driver’s license (adults). 
Handgun and ammo is provided (.22 rimfire) or student may opt to bring his own handgun.  If he brings his own firearm he must also bring at least 100 rounds of professionally manufactured ammunition and he should also bring the user manual for the handgun.

Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - Safety and Semi-automatic Pistol Operation (2.5 hours)
Ammunition selection and malfunctions
Grip and Ready positions
Assuming control of a firearm (unloading/clearing)
Loading, Decocking and Cocking
Cycle of Operation

SMFTS Lesson 2 - Positions and Pistol Fundamentals (2.5 hours)
NRA Safety Rules
Jeff Cooper’s Safety Rules
Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
   Five fundamentals
   Integrated act of firing a well-aimed shot

SMFTS Basic Pistol Live Fire Exercise  (2 hours give or take)  
All shooting is done at 15 feet with NRA Phase II targets. 

If we do not already have a course developed that meets your needs we can probably develop a course to address the need once we understand the requirement.  Pricing for custom courses are negotiated on a case by case basis.  Please use the Contact Form to initiate a conversation about custom classes.