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All of us who keep firearms handy whether just for home protection or for concealed carry are assuming a huge financial risk for doing so. 

We live in a litigious society.  If you or your spouse is involved in a self-defense shooting you very well may have legal expenses to defend yourself against criminal charges even if the shooting is justified by Georgia law.  You will almost surely end up defending yourself in civil court in spite of the fact that Georgia Law protects you from civil penalties under those circumstances.

I cannot estimate what a legal defense might cost because of all the variables involved but I would expect it to cost you at least $10,000 and could run up a bill of well over $100,000.  Even if you have that kind of money readily at hand it would certainly take a chunk out of your savings and most of us do not have funds of that magnitude available.

Marty Hayes (ACLDN) has posted an interesting article on his monthly journal that defines the four different ways that financial and or legal services are provided and he also discusses the strengths and weakness of each type of service.

I am suggesting that you look into the services offered by one of f organizations and consider which of them if any would provide for legal expenses to suit your circumstances and budget.  The services they offer vary quite a bit as do the premiums/membership fees.  It will take some time to examine the options but I urge you to at least look into it.  Here are eight organizations that provide this service:

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

CCW Safe

Concealed Handgun License Protection Plan

Gun Owners Legal Defense Network

Lockton Risk

National Rifle Association, (Second Call)

US Concealed Carry Association

US Law Shield